Jicama Fries

One of my favorite recipes since getting my air fryer is jicama fries.  They make a great side for dinner that feels like a treat, but is really just another veggie! If you have never heard of jicama before (I hadn’t before going on a super low carb diet before my wedding), it is a root vegetable, many grocery stores sell it including Stop&Shop and Big Y, usually near the squash, potatoes, and onions. Trader Joe also sells them pre-cut and packaged in the produce section, in my Trader Joe’s they are next to the berries.

This is what you can look for at the store.  Make sure you check your jicama closely before you buy, sometimes if they are old you can see mold growing on the outside or a sticky liquid on the outside.  When you cut these open the jicama will be be slightly brown and will have a sour flavor (still edible, just not as delicious!).  The best jicama has white meat on the inside and has a fresh taste, I describe it as a mix between an apple, pear, and potato.

Once you are ready to make your jicama fries, make sure you have a VERY sharp knife, peal your jicama and slice into “french fry” shape.

Next put them in your air fryer and spray with your favorite oil spray. I love avocado or olive oil spray. Set to 400 for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, give your air fryer a shake, re-spray and set for another 10-12minutes. Depending on the thickness of your fry and desired crispiness, you may need more or less time.  You can also use an oven, broil on low with the same technique as described in the air fryer.

Serve with salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup, or enjoy plain.  Better than McDonalds and much better for you!

Nutritional facts (not including oil spray): 1 cup raw jicama- Calories- 46, Fat-0g, Carbs-11g, Fiber-6g, Protein- 1g


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